Thursday, September 18, 2014

The chair aftermath.....

SO- as I said, the Mr. went to an auction and bought 8 chairs, one table and a boat dashboard... or most of a boat dashboard.

These pictures aren't going to win me any awards. Everything he bought is still in the excuse the mess?

Here are the fiberglass shell chairs... three turquoise and one yellow. No labels.  Those tables to the side are Heywood Wakefields, an unknown stool and a Conant Ball. The danish modern chair behind the shells is a Baumritter.

This is the table base. The top is just a normal conference table top from the 1970's, but the base is interesting. The dresser is one I have to sell, it doesn't have a home inside anymore.

The green chair is an office chair with wood arms, the two orange chairs are Steelcase chairs, I love their color. There is an identical one to the orange ones, but in Mustard. 

The boat dashboard, and all the steering guts. We'll sell that- people are always looking for vintage speedboat steering wheels and gauges. 

So there you have it. 8 chairs, one table and a dashboard. When you add it to all the other crap I have it's getting a bit overwhelming. It's time to have another chair sale! 

Here is my garage ceiling by the way...I believe there is a total of 19 chairs hanging from the ceiling

There are three milo baughman brass stools up there, two Thonet wood chairs, a unmarked danish modern lounge chair, a round Selig chair, 3 iron ice cream chairs, a really nice aluminum office chair, a molded plywood office chair from Italy, a few stools, some sort of random office chair, a danish modern dining room chair and 4 American seating school chairs.....and some other chairs up there....  There's more hanging in the pump room and in the basement. 


Colleen said...

that is a lot of chairs...

love the dresser!

thefarmersdaughter said...

yep. A ton. 8 or 9 will go out for sale this weekend at the antique show...but the rest will just hang out until next spring.

thefarmersdaughter said...

the shell chairs all sold, along with the steelcase office chairs and the ice cream chairs....