Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend

When I was younger memorial day was all about visiting the cemetery, putting up flags and watching the parades. Now, it seems it's about backyard grilling, drinking, sales and the beginning of summer.  Memorial Day is a sad holiday if you think about it, and I think that we Americans go to great lengths NOT to think about sad things much anymore.

My Grandfather was a veteran of WW2- he fought in the pacific theater. He wasn't much for Memorial Day though. I think he simply didn't want to re-live that part of his life-even for a day. I know that he visited and took care of fellow vets when they were in need-especially near the end when they entered the VA hospital-but he didn't talk much about his time serving. He also NEVER ate rice or Asian food. He didn't tell many stories to us- but we all knew that he lived through hell over there and didn't push.

As I am preparing to grill this weekend and watch my kid on his slip n slide, I think about my Grandpa and his friends- soldiers who made this possible for me. But, I also think about the beginning of summer-because I can't help it.....

Thanks Grandpa....

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