Friday, September 26, 2014

This weekend is the final Allegan antique market for the year.

The weather is going to be fantastic. We have many new pieces of furniture to put out, and although I am dreading the work, and I am so glad this is the last show of the season, I am looking forward to it!  Allegan here we come! 

There might be pictures(of us)  next week! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The chair aftermath.....

SO- as I said, the Mr. went to an auction and bought 8 chairs, one table and a boat dashboard... or most of a boat dashboard.

These pictures aren't going to win me any awards. Everything he bought is still in the excuse the mess?

Here are the fiberglass shell chairs... three turquoise and one yellow. No labels.  Those tables to the side are Heywood Wakefields, an unknown stool and a Conant Ball. The danish modern chair behind the shells is a Baumritter.

This is the table base. The top is just a normal conference table top from the 1970's, but the base is interesting. The dresser is one I have to sell, it doesn't have a home inside anymore.

The green chair is an office chair with wood arms, the two orange chairs are Steelcase chairs, I love their color. There is an identical one to the orange ones, but in Mustard. 

The boat dashboard, and all the steering guts. We'll sell that- people are always looking for vintage speedboat steering wheels and gauges. 

So there you have it. 8 chairs, one table and a dashboard. When you add it to all the other crap I have it's getting a bit overwhelming. It's time to have another chair sale! 

Here is my garage ceiling by the way...I believe there is a total of 19 chairs hanging from the ceiling

There are three milo baughman brass stools up there, two Thonet wood chairs, a unmarked danish modern lounge chair, a round Selig chair, 3 iron ice cream chairs, a really nice aluminum office chair, a molded plywood office chair from Italy, a few stools, some sort of random office chair, a danish modern dining room chair and 4 American seating school chairs.....and some other chairs up there....  There's more hanging in the pump room and in the basement. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I don't know what to say exactly.....

my husband went to an auction tonight.... alone. He went to look at a canoe. He did not buy the canoe..... he bought 8 chairs, a table, and a boat dashboard. I am in disbelief

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bedroom project has commenced!

I just put up the very large paint sample in the room.... I like it. I'm going with it.

I like how it goes with the lamp, and with all the white that is in this room, it won't feel too dark (I hope)

In addition, we pulled up the red rug and put it in the dining room this weekend. More about that later, but here it is. I bought this wool rug (from Hold Everything) for 2 dollars at the Pottery Barn Outlet (along with a few others) when they were getting rid of all that inventory. It's one of my favorite purchases....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My bedroom project- step one.

no. Forget that, step 2. Step one was the mood board. Step 2 is this.....

Do I even like the look I picked out? I have to say......

I do.  I still have to paint- so the room itself is still green...but I bought a sample and tried out "Man Cave" and I like it. It's DARK. It's going to take a lot of time to get used to..... and before I paint I really have to decide if I want it dark or go with white..... but I really think it's time to visit the dark side...

so here are some pictures of my initial trial run...

wait. Just in case you is the sample board first...

and here is my trial run (minus paint color) 

The picture of the boy at the beach is leaving.... I don't know if another set of antlers will go there or a painting....

This is my favorite lamp. I love it. 

this is the paint sample near the UGLY carpeting. We have to keep the carpet. The roof estimate just came in over 8 grand. I need a roof more than I need a better looking floor. 

Possible art choices....

what do you think? I need to get the paint before September 3 so I can get the rebate..... I am so cheap. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

I put in a fire pit....

Actually, I had a fire bowl, and I put in an area around it so I wouldn't burn down the neighborhood.

I am terrified of fire. My Mom caught on fire in front of me when I was around 4 or so. She backed up into a stove, and  her apron burst into flames. My Dad was there, and put her out, but it has stayed with me since then. Although I want a fire pit area, I don't want to be too close.

I had pulled a forsythia tree/bush out of this area two years ago. It was very overgrown- about 9 ft tall or so and awful.....

I unfortunately have no before pic of the ugly tree, this is where we took it off, and my lovely Mr's behind.

It left us with a really ugly hilltop. UGLY.

This is the spring (see, no leaves) all we did was to put up a rock border to warn people not to fall over the edge...... there were a ton of daylillies planted on the hill...... well, it turns out my Mr. HATES daylillies.  It's been 11 years and he's just NOW telling me this.... so.... I pulled out the daylillies, and then we had to have the huge maple cut down off the back was rotten.  It was also HUGE...and around 90 ft + tall. It turned the back yard shade garden into a full sun desert...... plants started to die. Things turned ugly. I had to do something.....

so I decided to make one of the shade gardens into the fire pit.... I made the area larger by removing a huge chunk of grass and then put a rock border up... these photos are horrible. I don't know what setting my phone was on....but it isn't pretty. Sorry....

 We had to pull the truck back to unload the rock (which we STILL need more of btw)

 How much vegetation did I cut back?..... two wheelbarrow full

 We need some more rocks...and a better bench......but we're now good to go...and burn........

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bedroom project..... ideas, plans and thoughts.....

This room is a challenge for me. It's small. (10x11ish?) two doors, two windows (one that I cover up so I can fit a bed and dressers into the room), and one wall is closet. Under the window is a heat duct that we cannot cover up either.... so.... the layout is pretty much set in stone. We've tried the bed on all of the three available walls, this is the best solution.

I might have a color now.... Man Cave....

You might be able to figure out now, that the room will be heavier, more masculine. My husband actually doesn't care- he's said he'd sleep in a pink flowery room. if that's what I wanted, but it's not what I want either. 

Here are some of my inspiration photos right now.... 
This one is from House beautiful....  I love the rustic look of it, and all the textiles and the textures. The view isn't half bad either...too bad I don't have that. 

This picture is a dining room... I just love the feel of it.  The white horns. The mix of modern smoke chairs with that vintage table. The plants against that grey wall.

This is the last photo. Again, it's more about the feeling. ...... I have no idea where this came from.... my bet? Apartment Therapy. 

The final pic is here. Again, it's the feeling. The texture, the dark vs. light. It's from here... but that site just compiles pics so I don't know where it began it's life. 

When you next hear from me,.... I might have a compiled some actual products to share..... I can only hope. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Is there a name for pre BEFORE pictures? It's time for a bedroom project!

My bedroom has been a source of anger and anoyment  for me since we moved in 10 years ago. At first we lived in the basement (long story....but it had to do with the heating system in this house) then we moved upstairs when we had the baby. ALL the rooms in this house are TINY. TINY. Wait, let me say that again...TINY. We have two 8x10 bedrooms, and ours is 10x11 (ish). Basically, they are bedsized bedrooms.

One of the small rooms is my sons, the other is a catch all room that changes all the time...a library? a playroom? an office? That little thing has never been right..... and I also plan on working on that this winter....but I can't get ahead of myself. This is about MY bedroom, and my hatred of it.

Hate is a strong word. I don't hate it all. I do hate some of it though.

Here are my "now" pictures.
(they are actually like my room is...I just threw the duvet on the bed and "staging" or "cleaning" it is what it is....  This first picture is the view from the door..... oh wait, did I also mention that this room has two doors, two windows and one wall is the closet? Yes, all in less than 120 sq. ft. Throw the fact in that I have the WORLDS UGLIEST CARPET.... well..... now you get the picture.

The view from the bathroom door. Behind that acid trip fabric headboard is a window.  The tall dresser is mine, and I would love to find something similar but shorter. 

This is the view from the far corner looking out toward the hallway. The white curtains hide the Mr's closet. He keeps his clothes in here, mine are in the hallway closet. It was my idea, so calm down. He works outside the home for a living and has to dress nice for the job. He needs more room than I do. 

This is the view from the closet. The door in the corner goes to the 1/2 bathroom that is connected to this bedroom. There are two pieces of art on that wall. The black used to be up, the painting hanging is a test. 

Below is the view from the door when you first come in and shows the dressers. I would love to find a second smaller dresser to match this one...or even one that is similar so that both sides would have a smaller dresser/bedside table to use. .....  

I want to keep the dressers, the bed (queen is the largest we can have and still move around this room)  the lamp on the dresser  and the layout.......and that's about it. I prefer white bedding, but I might change my mind if I find something I like. The floor, the wall color, all the accessories are all up for grabs. 

This is my quest. I want to re do this room. I want to keep it very eclectic, but I do want to pare some of the stuff down. Think I can do it? 

I sure hope so. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We're having a yard sale this weekend......

and I hate it. HATE IT. So much work. SO. MUCH. WORK. We really do need to move this stuff out though, and since we're having our village festival this weekend, there will be a ton of people here- hopefully buying all my stuff.

I don't have a normal yard sale. There isn't 3 tables full of baby clothes, two broken down Ikea bookcases and a bunch of dollar store crap. Nope. I'll have 3 canopies set up with 30 or so tables of stuff. I have a huge rack of clothing hung- all name brand stuff, clean, in perfect condition- all for less than what they charge for clothes at the Goodwill. I'll have a few tables of the boys stuff- clothing and toys- but all in perfect condition. I don't sell crap. EVER.

We'll have 3 vintage dressers- a set of vintage iron ice cream chairs, soda fountain stools, many, many chairs, Heywood Wakefield table, steelcase chairs and tables, art, a huge table of books,  just about everything and anything except baby stuff and appliances (oh wait- I do have a wine fridge for sale this time around). You get the general vibe though, right?  I have one hell of a yard sale.

To have that though, takes a  lot of time and effort. Ads, signs. Set up. I'll do all that...I just won't work it. I hate working it. Luckily, I have a Mr. and my parents who will for me. I just don't have the patience for it anymore. So, I will cook and clean, set up the sale. But I can't be out there, mingling with the people.

I might be in here this weekend, working on my blog. I might be painting my bedroom. Anything, anything at all except dealing with the crowds in my front yard.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

SO sorry I was AWOL...... but I was on a boat!

we skipped out high school reunion this weekend- ran away and spent it at the beach...

This is Walloon lake, of Hemingway fame . 

It was wonderful. 

I will be back this week. 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I went on an art buying spree....

which, I have to say I do more times than I should.  I bought 6 pieces. Three will go out for sale (one has already sold actually) one I might keep, and two I will be keeping..... so here we go...

These first two are by Mervin Jules.

The above print is a proof, it's  "Child blowing dandelion" 
This one is Boy playing flute. Both are signed. They are wonderful, I love the top one, the bottom one I am undecided on. It might go well with the yellow sofa.... 

The yellow woodblock print is from 1969. It's signed and named, but the print has slipped so I can't read it. It needs to be re matted so that's going to happen soon. I love this and it is going to go up in my house when it's straightened. 

This is a Saul Rabino print called "refugee" There are colored versions of this, and uncolored. It's signed in pencil too.... I do not like this, and it will go out for sale. 

In addition I purchased two Wallace Nutting  original hand colored photograph prints - I sold one this past weekend, and the other is going out so I don't have a photo of it at this point. 

I have decided that at this point I have so much art- so much of it actually worth some money, that I need to catalog it- so more pictures might end up here at some point. I can't stop buying it, even if I have little to no wall space and the storage room is filled . Oh well, at least it's better than being knee deep is crap I bought from HSN or QVC.....right? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stow Davis leather office furniture from 1966 - or How to decorate around a big old yellow sofa?????

As I have written about before, I lucked into a three piece set of vintage furniture for a price that was unbelievable. The issue? I have to redo the basement now so that these pieces can sing.  Not only are these pieces in my basement, but so is a 9 foot pool table, a foosball table, and a huge Ethan Allen bar. They all have to remain. The open concept basement room is about 22 ft wide and about 30 ft long or's a decent sized room and they will all fit if I'm careful and have a plan that includes them all so they flow together and don't fight each other..... 

This is what it looks like now (the furniture is more of a deli mustard yellow/brown, not as much green as in these pictures, but that's what you get when you don't have the proper light to take a photo.... 

The white wall behind the first picture is going to have to be painted. The paneling behind the second picture is NOT going to be painted....I'm going with a very heavy 70's vibe down here. The red rug is already gone, along with all the other assorted pieces of furniture. The bookcase you see is a built in floor to ceiling one. The natural wood you see in the first picture is actually a barn door covering the sliders to outside. This room actually gets a fair amount of natural light.  

At first I was thinking safe and thought about going with a light tan color, somewhat like the floor. It would go with all the dark wood in the room, and be ok with the furniture. But now, I'm thinking BOLD. DARK. 

so, not so much this.... 

But this.... 

or this..... 

  I really like how the yellow just jumps out at you... and I'm wondering since the rest of my room is very dark and neutral, can I got semi crazy with the one wall? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Childrens rooms to theme or not to theme, that is the question.....

Honestly, I don't like theme rooms. Even vague themes- like beach or cabin- only work for me if you are actually at, say the beach or a cabin in the woods. If you live in a downtown or urban area, and your house or condo is  totally set up like a hunting lodge in Montana, I find that ridiculous.   I don't even like theme rooms for kids, not really, but it is my downfall.

I have had many themes for my boys room...

As a baby, he had a dog themed room- mainly so when the family would ask me what to buy I had something to say. Dogs. Dogs are good.

When he got to around 3 or 4 it was movies and pirates. Especially movies about pirates. Then he started to add in Star Wars stuff.... and it got......odd. Very Hodge podged .....

Then he decided he like safari stuff..... 

That then lead to cowboys. 

 Then for a while, it was nothing. Now, he's back to geek central. I painted his room a dark grey, put in new blue carpet, and cleaned out his stuff. But,  now, he has a Tardis Door. 

The entire thing cost me about 15 dollars- and that includes the paint, the stickers, the wood, everything. He loves it, and better yet, when he's done with it, I can easily repaint it to be a normal door.....

He is supposed to be cleaning his room as we speak, but he is cleaning like a 10 year old boy, so no other photos today. Maybe tomorrow? Then I can show you his packing blanket curtain (which is awesome when  he has to go to sleep and it's still light outside....) more later. We're off to golf camp now.