Monday, April 3, 2017

It's been a year. A year. I hang my head in shame......

I got a lot done though. We traveled this past year. A lot. We put up ship lap.... a lot of ship lap  We bought things for our business. A lot of things. We sold a lot through our business. A lot. The boy is growing up.... a lot. We've bought two vintage trailers to work on this year.

Here are some pictures.... and I promise..... I want to make this my home and business sounding more posts.

we'll start with the new bathroom/laundry room. This is looking into the new bathroom. To the right is the toilet/sink...behind that wall by the black cabinet is a stand up shower. This is the Mr. and the boys's off the mudroom/laundry so it's the perfect place for dirty people to go into and get clean...without messing up the rest of the house!

This is the laundry room part of the room.... 

New walls. New ship lap. New ceiling. Old cabinets and rugs. The  9 behind the door is from my grandfathers gas station. 

More soon. Like really soon. I pinky promise. 

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