Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal style...

I've been going on and on about houses for so long, I forgot all about myself... but with fall closing on us fast (hard to think about that though when it's 90 outside) I have started thinking about new clothes and personal style for the fall/winter season..... first though, transitional items for fall..... all these items are from the Sundance Catalog
light and airy, but with a darker color and a longer length. Perfect for fall.
I love silver jewelry that isn't pretentious or dainty.
darker wash jeans. Straight or bootcut-no slim for me! It's also not popular in the area I live in so no social pressure at all to change my mind.
shoes and boots from Timberland Boot Company. I love these laceups and these boots have been dancing through my thoughts since I first saw them.
Larger, crossbody tote bag for daytime...
This is the style of dressing that I feel more comfortable in, that works for me. It's taken me a LONG time to figure this out-not go chasing after every  trend.

Knowing your own style and being confident enough to wear it means that you won't be buying every last trend that comes (and goes) in the stores. That you can actually afford to buy nicer pieces-better leathers-because you aren't buying a ton of clothes that might never make it out of your closet again. You will be making clothing choices that work for you-not the retail stores. And, better yet, you won't be hauling bag after bag of your poor choices to the thrift store after each season.

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