Monday, September 20, 2010

my new little corner of the world....

in my living room, that is. The picture is a very old chalk that we got for about 2 bucks at a garage sale. We had it professionally framed- the frame though is another very old piece I've had with me for years. Together I think they look spectacular. Less modern that my usual taste, but in keeping with the rustic look our house is acquiring.

The curtains are also new, 3.51 on super clearance from Lowes. Yes, that's 3.51 per panel. They are Waverly and very heavy. I love them, and think the orange color goes well with the green/tan paint. I always put up different curtains in the winter (and then again in the summer). It's a family tradition- and the heavier weight curtains help with the cold windy winters we get up in the great white north.

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