Friday, December 10, 2010

Not so naked tree!

This is the tree (s) as they stand right now.... I will continue to tweek them and move some ornaments as I notice errors- like right now I see I need to fix the tree skirt cause it's all bunched up at the base..... I think I did ok, considering I'm VERY allergic to this tree and can't even spend much time in this room with these in there
The boy likes nutcrackers... so I bought a ton to put around the living room.

The hanging dolly thing was a toy of my Mothers when she was a baby. I can't image giving such a obvious choking hazzard to a baby, but it was 60+ years ago....

I'm sure there will be more Christmas pics... but the boy has PINKEYE for Gods sake, and I need to focus on that right now! 

Have a fabulous weekend.

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