Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new wall in the basement.....

The sliding door in the basement is a piece of crap. No mincing words here. It was installed backwards. Yes, backwards. It's so very old that it just LEAKS everywhere. It's not secure. It's not safe. BUT, we haven't fixed it yet. I don't like sliders at all anyway- even good ones, so the Mr. offered to up a fake wall for me. That way we can still access the crappy door and get stuff in and out, but I won't be terrified of the sliding door anymore.

This is only about 1/4 done so far. The right side is a new fake wall with an actual vintage door in the center of it. That door cost me 2 bucks. Behind the door will be a large, sliding wooden door on a metal bar- like a barn door. It's built and needs to be hung. I'm planning on painting the entire thing the color of the wall, and when the top is finished and the ceiling brought back it will look like a sliding wall. I hope.

Bonus, it's going to have a huge lock so I won't worry about a break in as much.

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Alana in Canada said...

That is a gorgeous door. I hope your sliding wall works out. I'd lament losing the light by taking out the sliding door--I'd put back in a window, at least! Have you thought about that? Is it too late?
And wait--how on earth can your hubby work on a project like that right now? It is the middle of the freaking winter?