Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, the re do.

This blog has always been sort of the red head step child of my blogs. I have honestly never known what to do with it.  When I spun off of my original blog Just one more chair  I thought I would use this location to park my inspiration photos, and then I started another blog for my vintage/thrift finds and then another for my art, and still another for my son. That was too much work...and I am literally lazy. And not that focused. Then came facebook and then twitter (which I have given up) and I was too far gone to know what to do next. Too much social media made me shut down. I even stopped posting on my original blog for weeks at a time.

I stopped watching tv, reading online mags- I had a total online and media shut down. I even stopped putting merchandise on my Etsy site. But I have thought about things, and now I've come to some decisions- plus a HUGE backlog of saleable items....
First. I am going to keep up my main blog and use that for my day to day life- and to keep my with my blogging friends that I have known for many years now.... and I am keeping my sons blog for him and the family. I am going to fold my art and my resale/vintage/thrift finds blogs into this site- as those define my style and this blog is going to be about my style.  My style. Things I like- what I want in my house and what I covet. Maybe even sometimes about stuff I hate.  Doing this will allow me to focus on 3 sites and I'm sure I can handle that without spreading myself too thin.

I might not post everyday...but I will post often. I troll these internets way too often to sit on stuff I've found too long.

I want to redesign the page but that will come in time.  For now, I'll be importing some pics from the other sites here and there....along with new thoughts and feelings about them.

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