Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Because I just don't have enough projects......

I am considering painting the brick wall in my living room.


1. it's fake. The wall AND the brick.
2. There is a non working fireplace behind that sofa.
3. We are going to remove that wall and redo all the walls, the ceiling and the flooring. Just not this year. Or maybe not even next.
4. I have hated it since we moved here......almost 9 years ago.

1. It really is fine the way it is.
2. It's a lot of work to paint brick...even if it is just brick facing.
3. I would have to paint that door the same color I think.
4. I am lazy.

Ideas?  And yes, that mantle is too high. BUT, to lower it, or remove it would muck up the wall and again, that wall is not being removed and/or fixed this year. It must stay.  But, I could paint it the color of the bricks (if I painted) to try to make it blend into the wall more....

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