Monday, February 20, 2012

Where I think about how lucky I am....

This weekend we were thinking about what we "needed" to do- finish the retaining wall, re do the stone stairs... buy a new vacuum cleaner because ours crapped out this weekend. We "need" to get a new washer and dryer- the washer is dying and uses too much water and the dryer is an energy hog.  We "need" new carpet in the living room because it's old and stained. We "need" a new ceiling in there also- it's ugly and we've been talking about moving a wall and replacing the floor and ceiling at the same time.

Really though, we don't "need" to do any of that. We "want" to. We have all that we need and more. We are very lucky. I don't have to work because my Mr. has a good career...not just a job..... I get to volunteer because of that AND I got to raise my son and not put him in any day care....We live in a small community where nothing too awful happens on a daily basis. We have plenty (far too much actually) to eat. We are warm and dry. Although I have had cancer- we had great medical care AND insurance. The boy is smart, happy and healthy. We have too much debt...but we are working on that. We have two working cars. Our parents are great. Mine just came back from a 2 month vacation. His Mom is healthy and happy. We not only have everything we need...but just about everything we want. 

We are lucky. I know we are lucky. That is why sometimes I can focus on things that are silly or unnecessary. Why I can think about the pretty instead of the useful. 

I am feeling pretty blessed today, and everyday.

Think about that today.

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