Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring sure has sprung......

My trees have buds, my lilacs have actual LEAVES, all my spring flowers are up and it's only March!!!! The daylillies are up a few inches, the primroses are blooming, the grasses are coming up and so are the sedums. We are 40, yes 40 degrees above normal- for a solid 10 days now. We are 20 degrees over the all times highs. It's crazy. So very windy and dry we are in burn bans around the state. And as someone who grew up in this crazy state (and been back 10 years now) I have NEVER seen weather like this....and I'm terrified that the snow will come back (because it can. We've had snow in May before).

Crazy color on the primrose huh? looks fake!


sedum above and violets below..... the yard is strewn with violets......

the river overlook. We're still a bit higher than normal back there due to the rains, but it's starting to green up and dry up!

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