Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Art Wednesday!

This is currently hanging in my entryway. Yes, it's a cemetery.  I purchased this about 15 years ago, I would guess, while I was living in Texas. It's NEVER "creeped" me out. I think it's lovely. It's a chalk.  It's signed F K G 3/98. It's in an extremely heavy walnut frame- it weighs a good 10 lbs I believe. It was framed in Massachusetts so I have always wondered how it got to Texas.
 I went out on a huge art buying binge back then, and it's never really stopped. I sadly got rid of a lot of art when I moved 10 years ago- there just wasn't enough room to pack and move it all, but I am grateful for what I did move. 

Have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone. Spend time with your family and give thanks for everything you have received this year. 

I am spending the entire weekend at home with my boys. NO black Friday shopping for me. I believe that my time is worth more than some 4 dollar waffle maker.  But if that's your version of fun, be safe. Some of those folks are nuts out there....

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