Thursday, January 3, 2013

My favorite living room of 2012

From here 

There's not much that I don't love about this space. Number one, it's got space. number two, look up. That light fixture with the skylight- to. die. for. Third. This is a loft. I mean, what a loft was and should be. Not those silly studio apartments that are foisted off as loft living now. The space, the industrial feel, the dark brick with those great architectural pillars...I am drooling and it's not a good look.  Add to that the fantastic furniture- not too much and not too little- and that great art on the back wall and you have where I want to live for all time tied up in one fantastic look.

I have found (my) heaven on Earth.

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Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express said...

For me, this living room also looks magnificent! It has an aura of a cabin to me, but with a touch of modernism. It has the kind of atmosphere that goes along with good weather, making it a perfect place for you to clear your mind from all the worries and just spend your time there to loosen up.