Monday, July 14, 2014

Somehow I lost my way.......

I used to blog religiously. I used to facebook, pinterst, twitter and tumblr. Instagram was my friend. I jumped on the vine……. now. Nothing. I use my Flickr account a bit, and keep up with family on Facebook. Real life got in the way..and I am NOT sorry about that.

We started a small business- selling vintage furniture and fabric- that is taking off.  I taught elementary art classes last year. We did some work to our home. I traveled a bit. But the big thing, my son is going into middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. How that hell did that happen? I don’t know. Time flies. 

I can’t say if I will blog again. I might. Winters are long here, and my days are going to be empty. No job, no kid at home, and the Mr. is going to travel more for his work this fall/winter. I can only paint so much….. If I can fully understand what I want to say and how I want to say it, I will be back. 

Or, I’ll just post some snarky photo. There’s always that. 

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