Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bedroom project..... ideas, plans and thoughts.....

This room is a challenge for me. It's small. (10x11ish?) two doors, two windows (one that I cover up so I can fit a bed and dressers into the room), and one wall is closet. Under the window is a heat duct that we cannot cover up either.... so.... the layout is pretty much set in stone. We've tried the bed on all of the three available walls, this is the best solution.

I might have a color now.... Man Cave....

You might be able to figure out now, that the room will be heavier, more masculine. My husband actually doesn't care- he's said he'd sleep in a pink flowery room. if that's what I wanted, but it's not what I want either. 

Here are some of my inspiration photos right now.... 
This one is from House beautiful....  I love the rustic look of it, and all the textiles and the textures. The view isn't half bad either...too bad I don't have that. 

This picture is a dining room... I just love the feel of it.  The white horns. The mix of modern smoke chairs with that vintage table. The plants against that grey wall.

This is the last photo. Again, it's more about the feeling. ...... I have no idea where this came from.... my bet? Apartment Therapy. 

The final pic is here. Again, it's the feeling. The texture, the dark vs. light. It's from here... but that site just compiles pics so I don't know where it began it's life. 

When you next hear from me,.... I might have a compiled some actual products to share..... I can only hope. 

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