Sunday, May 29, 2011

Front yard work-landscaping by the skin of your teeth...

This porch thing was on the house when we bought it...the sides have been taken down by the time this pic was taken- there was lattice work on all the sides. It was horrible.

A few years ago I built the path to the second door (there wasn't one when we bought the place) and put in some dogwoods and a big rock.

The dogwoods got too big so we replaced them with grasses. I pulled the mulch up and replaced that with river rocks...The porch was cut down and made to look like a normal persons porch

The pavers you see by the door are to fix the walkway. The last 3 ft or so dropped in the past few years and the water pools there during rains. It needs to be fixed.

This still has mulch in it- it will be changed over to river rock too....

closeup of my porch......I'm going for a boho old southern look...

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