Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real life interferes yet again....

Jase blew up our second car- my old car. My meth head cousin and her low life husband are running from the law. I had an appointment with my oncologist. Jase has to go in for exploratory stomach surgery. I got called up for jury duty.

BUT- we got a new truck- 1800 bucks in all it's glory-
the cops will eventually get my scofflaw relatives and besides, we have already got their kids out of that hell hole, my Dr. visit went ok (just waiting on my test results now) and maybe they can find what's wrong with my husbands stomach and fix it...and the trial I was supposed to be a jury on had a last minute plea deal- no courtroom time for me!!!!
 bonus- I leave for vacation in less than two weeks!!!! 

Life is ok. It's just busy sometimes....

have a happy holiday weekend. 

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