Sunday, January 29, 2012

More by Candice Olson

I've gotten to a point now that when I see pictures of rooms I can pick out the ones done by Candice Olson in a flash. Her point of view always comes shining through in the work that she does. It's not that they all look the same, because there is quite a depth to her work. You can tell these rooms are designed for different people and families. But her style is clean and crisp and very much her own.

Here are some more of my favorites...

I love the very natural look of this bedroom. I do love the flowered shade over the bed..

This is one of my favorite living rooms. The sofa and chair are perfect, and that white fireplace wall is to die for. Bonus, the tv (which is not hidden) is in a great location AND height for viewing.

This family room would fit in perfectly in my own home. It looks warm and inviting. It's not formal or stuffy and it looks comfortable.  Also, I just love that island/desk/counter area that separates the living room from the kitchen area.


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