Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I must have....

My birthday is this coming week....and although I really don't want a lot...I do want something. Here's what I've been looking at recently.....

This is a fantastic cubby. I love the thought of putting all my tiny tchotkes in little cubbies.

I want this book.  It's not my normal vampire/serial killer/zombie book- but it's odd. And odd is good. For me.

Really. I just want the CHANCE to prove to everyone I can still be me with 105 million dollars. Just a better dressed version. With a nicer car.

I'm thinking of getting a new light over the dining room table. I have a very modern white drum shade lamp now....I'd love something with more character.

I love this sign. I can't have it up around my kid or parents...but I LOVE this sign. I know I could DIY it....but it's a bit racy for me.


I don't want much huh? Just some simple stuff. BUT, I'll be happy if I just get the book and some time with my husband.

Have a great weekend.

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