Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do boys all have generic blue box rooms?

My kid has a tiny room. Heck, we have a tiny house, so why would his room be any different? Anyway, it's only 8x10 ft. One window. One small closet. It has a built in desk, a built in bookcase and some upper shelves. OK. A lot of upper shelves. Anyway. It's full to the brim with Lego's, star wars and books. Oh, and random crap. Lots and lots of random crap. So, it's time to start considering making it over. Keeping in mind that the built ins need to stay, the bed has to stay in the same place (the only place it fits) the only thing I can really do is change the colors, the curtain and the stuff that he displays.

Here is his "favorite" (right now) inspiration picture.....

He likes the brick wall- which he doesn't have and won't have. He does have a very rustic paneled wall that gives a different vibe but still is different than plain paint. He also loves the guitars on the wall. He doesn't play guitar so I don't really know how that would work. I do like the vibe of this room though...

now, here is my favorite for his room.

I'm a sucker for the Union Jack. I love the big map on the entire wall and even though it has a navy painted wall, the white makes it feel bright. 

But, I also like this...

Now, without the Hoosier kitchen cabinet in the back and with a less ornate day bed of course, but I like the rustic vibe of this room. The colors are nice- but might be a bit dull for a kid. Now that I think about it, I think I like this picture better as an inspiration pic for my basement room. 

my bad. 

Well, since I won't start work on his room till he goes back to school I have a bit of time to source some stuff and decide on a style. 

wish me luck! 

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