Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I went on an art buying spree....

which, I have to say I do more times than I should.  I bought 6 pieces. Three will go out for sale (one has already sold actually) one I might keep, and two I will be keeping..... so here we go...

These first two are by Mervin Jules.

The above print is a proof, it's  "Child blowing dandelion" 
This one is Boy playing flute. Both are signed. They are wonderful, I love the top one, the bottom one I am undecided on. It might go well with the yellow sofa.... 

The yellow woodblock print is from 1969. It's signed and named, but the print has slipped so I can't read it. It needs to be re matted so that's going to happen soon. I love this and it is going to go up in my house when it's straightened. 

This is a Saul Rabino print called "refugee" There are colored versions of this, and uncolored. It's signed in pencil too.... I do not like this, and it will go out for sale. 

In addition I purchased two Wallace Nutting  original hand colored photograph prints - I sold one this past weekend, and the other is going out so I don't have a photo of it at this point. 

I have decided that at this point I have so much art- so much of it actually worth some money, that I need to catalog it- so more pictures might end up here at some point. I can't stop buying it, even if I have little to no wall space and the storage room is filled . Oh well, at least it's better than being knee deep is crap I bought from HSN or QVC.....right? 

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